Seeing Double

Written By: D’be-D’be

Pairing: Horatio and Eric

Dr. Ben Golden looked down at his patient who was lying on a hospital bed, his face covered with bandages. Golden had been one of the top plastic surgeons in Miami. He was well connected in the community and his client list read like the Who’s-Who of Florida. To the outside world, Dr. Golden was also a very happily married man. He married the heiress to a large restaurant chain and all seemed perfect. But it wasn’t. Golden led a secret life. He was a member of a very secret society that catered to BDSM and extreme sexual fantasies. One evening, his wife of three years discovered his secret and threatened to expose him if he didn’t give her a divorce. Well, Dr. Golden could not be subject to what he knew would be a very public and embarrassing event so instead of giving her a divorce, Golden lured her to his office where he cleverly, or so he thought, committed to perfect murder. He was sure that no one would ever prove it was he that did such a monstrous act. He set up his alibi so he wouldn’t be anywhere near his office when the Medical Examiner would list the time of death, and he was sure he had cleaned up all the evidence that may point in his direction. What he wasn’t planning on was the expertise and tenacity of Miami’s new head of CSI, Horatio Caine.

Caine, who had spent the last few years in the bomb squad with the Miami-Dade Police Department, had recently been asked to head up the crime lab. After Megan Donner stepped down, Caine, with his back ground in chemistry and since he was already a level 3 Criminalist with the department, was the perfect choice for Donner’s replacement. Caine was only months on the job and was just getting his team together, but he was no green rookie, so when he was called to the crime scene at Golden’s clinic, he knew something was fishy. Along with the new members of the CSI team, Calleigh Duquesne, Tim Speedle, and Eric Delko, they worked the scene and the evidence until there was no doubt that Ben Golden, the highly respected and successful plastic surgeon, had murdered his wife. At the trial, Golden swore revenge on Caine. He had 25 years to plot and plan how he was going to seek his revenge, shorter time if his lawyer was successful getting him an appeal, which he was and, after only serving 5 years of his life sentence, Golden was released on a technicality. As soon as he was through those prison gates he began putting his plan into motion. While in prison he studied everything he could about the CSI leader. He had pictures and videos smuggled into him by a private detective he had his lawyer hire so he could study every gesture, every motion and every action that made up Horatio Caine. He even found out about Caine and Speedle’s relationship, which thrilled him to no end.

He purchased a warehouse under a false name. He then hired the best set-designers in the business to turn the warehouse into a living area. He also paid extra to have one of the rooms equipped with a prison cell as well as rows of cabinets where he stored his toys. He also had one room fully set up for medical work where he could even do surgery if need be. He searched every web site and looked at thousands of male-actors pictures until he came on just the right subject. He then coached and worked with the man he hired until he sounded and acted exactly like Horatio Caine. The final stage was about to be unwrapped. He slowly undid the bandages on the patient’s face. Golden began to laugh out loud as he found himself starring down into the face of Horatio Caine. It was perfect. No one would ever know the difference. Now that this part of his plan was completed, he was time to put plan B into operation.


Unaware that a madman was plotting his revenge on his person, Horatio Caine was making his way to Eric Delko’s apartment. The two were new in their relationship, so they were taking it very slowly. Delko had invited his boss and new lover to an authentic Cuban meal at his place and Caine had eagerly accepted. He was humming to himself as he drove down the last street that led him to Delko’s place. After Speedle’s death, Caine thought this part of his life was over, but then Delko confessed his feelings for him and before long, Caine found himself smiling again. He always had deep feelings for this young man whom he had recruited from the Underwater Recovery Unit of the MDPD, but since Caine was very old fashion in his thinking and he had been in a deep relationship with Speedle, he never made a move on the young Cuban. It was only after Speedle talked to him the night before he was shot, that it even occurred to Caine he could have a relationship with two men at the same time. But that was not meant to be. So Caine moved on and before he knew it, Delko came into his life on a whole different level. They hadn’t had sexual relations yet, but Caine had a feeling tonight was going to be extra special. Also Caine only had to discipline Delko once, but Eric knew that was part of he package if he wanted to continue the relationship and he had accepted it willingly.

Caine pulled into the parking spot reserved for guests and quickly strode up to the building. He realized as he waited for the elevator to make it’s way to Delko’s floor, he was a little nervous about tonight. He hoped he lived up to Delko’s expectations. As the doors opened the scent of Cuban spices filled the air. He sure hoped Delko was a good cook or this night might not end up as they had planned. Instead of Delko’s bed they may end up in a hospital bed with stomach problems. Caine had no need to worry. Growing up with a mother and three sisters, Delko was well trained in the art of cooking.

He rang the doorbell and heard the voice of his young colleague yelling “just a minute”. Finally the door flew open and there stood Eric Delko with two glasses in his hands.

“Come on in, H,” Delko stated as he moved aside to allow Caine entrance, “and join me in a Cuban Cocktail.”

Taking one of the glasses from Delko and, after placing a soft warm kiss on his lips, Caine moved the drink up to his nose in order to smell the contents of the glass. Not much of a drinker, Caine looked up at his host.

“What do you call this thing again?”

Smiling Delko answered. ‘It’s called a Cuban Cocktail. It consists of 1 ounce of Rum, I ounce of Cherry mix, ½ ounce of sweet and sour mix and ½ ounce of apricot juice. You’ll love it, H. Give it a try.”

Shaking the glass until the ice clinked along the sides, and not wanted to disappoint his host, Caine put the glass to his lips and took a small sip. To his surprise and delight it was very tasty and not too strong. He took another sip then smiled back at Delko.

“Very good, sweetie. Thank you,” he told Eric in that soft slow voice he was famous for.

“Are you hungry or would you like to sit and talk a little?”

Caine could tell by the tremble in Delko’s voice that he too was a little nervous about this evening.

“Why don’t we do both sweetie, I’ll help you get ready and we can talk at the same time.”

“Well, H, the meal is all prepared but if you’d like you could light the candles, I’ll get the salad.”

“Sounds like a plan to me.” Taking the lighter off the kitchen counter, Caine moved over to the dining room table and lit the two white candles Delko had placed in the middle between the two place settings. He even had soft Cuban music playing in the background.

‘This kid thinks of everything,’ Caine thought to himself. ‘He’s more of a romantic then Speedle was but, then again, that’s good because I sure don’t want a clone of my past relationship.’

He walked back into the kitchen and slipped his arms around Delko’s waist as he prepared the salads. He began to place soft kisses on his neck. Delko for his part moved his body closer to Caine’s to give him as much access as possible. Caine took his mouth off Eric’s throat, and began nibbling on his left ear.

“Now that I’ve had my first appetizer let’s say we move on to the second. That salad looked delicious.”

“Mom calls it the 1905 salad, because she states that’s the year it was invented. Who knows, we don’t argue with her, we just eat it.”

“What’s in it, sweetie?”

“Lettuce, tomatoes, Swiss cheese, ham, Spanish olives, grated romano, and lemon. The dressing consists of vinegar, olive oil, garlic, cloves, oregano, Worcestershire sauce, black ground pepper and salt.”

“Wow, that sounds good! Bring it on.”

Holding hands across the table, the men enjoyed their salad and made small talk about nothing in particular. When the salad was done and another cocktail poured, Delko headed for the kitchen to bring out the main course.

“I know you’re not a big eater, H, so I just prepared one side dish to go with the roast chicken. Black bean salad sound okay to you?”

“That’s fine, kiddo, but roast chicken sure doesn’t sound Cuban to me.”

“Ha, but you’re wrong! It’s all in the way it’s prepared. This recipe has been in my mother’s family for years.”

“If you say so, sweetie. Who am I to argue with your mother?”

With that sexy smile on his face that makes Caines’ head spin, Delko came back into the room holding two plates.

“I wouldn’t advice arguing with my mother. She’s one tough lady.”

“I believe that. So what makes this chicken Cuban?”

“Well, it’s cooked in butter, olive oil, paprika, chicken stock and sherry, and the stuffing consists of rice, hot Italian sausages, pine nuts, raisins, and pitted olive slices.”

Placing the plate in front of Caine, Delko bent at the waist and smirked, “Dinner is served.”

“Horatio, it occurred to me while I was preparing dinner, that I don’t know much about you. I mean, I know you’re a great cop and all but how did you get to this stage in your life? What makes you tick?”

“Do you want the long or short versus of Horatio Caine, this is your life?”

“Whatever you feel comfortable telling me.”

“This a delicious meal by the way, sweetie. Thank you so much for taking the time to prepare it. Okay, where do I start? I was born in a log cabin deep in the woods…no, you don’t believe that. Okay, I was born right here in Miami in 1960. My mother raised me and Ray on her own and when I was 17, she was murdered by a drug dealer. I took it upon myself to help the police find the scum who took her away from me and by the time he was captured and given a life sentence, I knew I wanted to be a cop, so right after graduation I joined the police force. After walking the beat for awhile I knew if I was going to advance in this department I had to become more educated, so I took a leave of absence and went to university for four years where I got my degree in chemistry. When I re-entered the force I moved quickly up the ranks until I became second in command of the bomb squad where I recall I first met you on an underwater recovery of a explosive device. Then, as you know, when Donner quit they asked me to take over CSI.”

“Ya, and I’m sure glad you did. I had an eye on the CSI department but I was never given a chance. Too young they kept telling me. But you looked beyond my age, you saw experience and the willingness to learn that no one else could or would see, and I can’t ever thank you enough for giving me that chance.”

“Ya, you’re what, 28 now?”

“Ya, I’ll be 29 in December.”

“That’s right. So that made you what, 23 or 24 when you joined CSI?”

“About that, because I took a lot of science courses in high school it only took me two years to complete a four year science degree at the University of Miami. I got the degree to please my dad because he wanted me to join him in his engineering business. But I knew that wasn’t for me, so right out of university I joined the MDPD and went directly to their underwater recovery where I stayed for two years until you recruited me.”

“You took to the job right away and you picked up quickly. Speed and Calleigh took you under their wings. After all, you became the baby of the family as Calleigh liked to say. Do you remember the first case I let you work on outside the lab?”

Delko though for a moment. “Ya, that plastic surgeon that killed is wife. Boy, he was sure miffed at you when you proved he did it. Too bad his sentence was overturned on a stupid technicality on the judge’s part. Are you worried he’ll come after you?”

“No, not really. If I worried about every scum bag that threatened my life, I’d never leave the apartment. That was a delicious meal. I’m stuffed!”

“Do you have room for dessert?”

“Depends on what you have in mind for dessert,” Caine teased the young man sitting across from him.

Delko, blushing deeply looked down towards the floor. “I made Caramel Flan, but it could wait till later if you had something else in mind.”

“As a matter of fact I do. Come here, sweetie, and sit on my lap and I’ll show you what I have in mind for dessert.”

Delko didn’t have to be asked twice. He made himself comfortable on Caine’s lap, and soon the two were kissing each other with deep passion. Caine let his hand roam all over Delko’s body, Taking time to explore every crook and cranny. He moved back up and unbuttoned Delko’s shirt and began messaging the left nipple causing the nub to peak up. Delko began sucking on Caine’s tongue like there was no tomorrow, bringing it deeper and deeper into his mouth until it was almost down his throat. Caine moved from the left to the right nipple, giving it as much attention as he had the other. He then let his hand roam down to Delko’s waist where he expertly undid his pants button and zipper. With practiced hands he lifted Delko off his lap long enough to slip his pants and shorts off, which left the young CSI completely open to suggestion. Still with his tongue in Delko’s mouth, Caine placed his hand on Delko’s penis and began to stroke up and down until he was fully erect. He lifted Delko off his lap and placed him on the edge of the table. He spread Delko’s legs, took his tongue out of Delko’s mouth and placed it on his penis. After licking it from root to tip he took the young Cuban into his mouth. Delko placed his hands on both sides of Caine’s head and kept running his fingers through his red hair. Delko’s eyes were nearly rolling in the back of his head as Caine worked his magic.

“Oh God, H, don’t stop! It feels so good. I never knew it could be like this..ohm…Ohhh …I think I’m going to…..ohhhh….Me Mareo….Primere ves que paso….OHHH. I’m going to…..” Delko took his hands off Caine’s head and placed them behind him on the table to steady himself as he gave one final moan as a huge orgasm hit.

Caine swallowed every last drop, then with a smile on his face as he removed his mouth from Eric and stated, “Now, that’s what I call dessert!”

Tears of joy were streaming down Delko’s face as he once again slipped into Caine’s lap and threw his arms around his neck, placing his head on Caines’ shoulder at almost the same instant.

“Hey, Eric, in the heat of the moment you began speaking in Spanish and I couldn’t believe you said you were dizzy and it was your first time?”

“Ah, was I speaking Spanish! Oh ya, I said I felt dizzy because it was my first time.”

“Eric, are you trying to tell me you’ve never had a oral sex before?”

“No, I never wanted a man to do that to me. I let a few guys I was attracted to in university, give me a hand job and I reciprocated but I never let anyone go any farther. I wanted my first time to be very special.”

“Oh, sweetie, I’m honored that you choose me to be the first. Now, why don’t you put your shorts back on and go get that Caramel Flan you promised me, because I need some extra energy to prepare me for what’s coming next.”

“Do you mean what I think you mean?”

“If you’re ready for it, yes.”

“I’ve never been more ready for anything in my life. I’ll get the Flan.”

The Caramel Flan was perfect. Caine helped Eric clean up and together they did the dishes. When the last dish was placed in the cupboard, Caine lifted Delko into his arms and carried him into the bedroom. It was an easy task for the CSI Lieutenant because both men were almost identical in stature. Delko at six foot one was only one inch taller that his boss but they both weighed in at 180lbs. Caine may have looked wiry but underneath that suit of his, were muscles to spare. He just didn’t show his muscles the way Eric did. In the bedroom he placed Eric on the bed then quickly stripped himself down.

“Do you have any lubricant in the house, Eric?”

“There’s some K-Y jelly in the night stand.”

Caine opened the drawer and pulled out the tube. He placed a huge glob on his middle finger then placed himself on the bed next to Delko.

“Okay, Eric, I want you to get on all fours and spread your legs. Atta boy, now relax your rectal muscles as much as you can. I’m going to use my fingers to stretch you out so it will be easier for me to gain access, is that all right with you, sweetie?”

Delko just nodded and he felt the mattress compress with Caine’s weight.

“Place your head on the pillow, so it will be more comfortable for you. Good…good. Now are you ready? Here goes finger number one.” Slowly and gently Caine placed his lubed middle finger into the virgin hole of his young lover. He took his time as not to upset or scare him. After about five minutes he told Delko he was going to place a second finger inside. When the second finger was inserted, he heard Delko take a sharp breath and he slowly removed the second finger.

“I’m sorry, sweetie. Did I hurt you; is it too much for you right now?”

“No…I’m okay….please, H, I want this to happen. I’ll try and relax a little more. Please try again.”

Caine continued but just with one finger for another five minutes or so, then placing more lube on the second finger gently pushed it in as well. This time Delko accepted the second finger. Caine twisted and pushed his two fingers in and out, and without telling Delko he then inserted a third finger. By this time his erection was getting intense and he knew he soon would have to replace his fingers with his penis, but he kept telling himself to hold on and be patient with this young man. Then after another seven or eight minutes, Caine removed his fingers. He lubed his erect penis with a major amount of lube to make it easier to slip into the tight cavity. One thrust, then a second and third before he heard a pop and he knew he was in.

“Oh God, it hurts! Oh, H, it hurts….Vermos a parar?”

“You want me to stop for a bit, Quieres parar?”

“Please, H, just for a second or two. I need you so bad. I don’t want you to stop, but it hurts!”

Caine, removed himself part of the way, waited thirty seconds until he felt Delko could handle it, then with as much gentleness as he could, he moved back in. He then placed his hand under Delko and began stroking him, making him excited and taking his mind off the pain of loosing his virginity. Finally Caine was in enough that he was able to stimulate Delko’s prostate and the pain was finally gone to be replaced with sheer ecstasy. They were too excited to last long. Caine kept stroking Delko and after two or three hard pulls Delko had his second orgasm of the night. After a few more thrusts Caine felt his orgasm come and he exploded deep inside Delko’s bowels. After a few minutes Caine withdrew as gently as he could and, laying down, he took Delko into his arms.

“Commo esta ud?” Caine asked Delko how he was.

“Estoy bein, Gracias. I’m fine, and I didn’t know you could speak Spanish.”

“Hey, Eric, you don’t grow up in Miami without picking up a few phrases and when I joined the police force I decided I better speak it fluently, so I took lessons.”

“That’s great because, as you found out, when I’m in the heat of passion I slip into my mother tongue.”

“What about Russian? Do you ever speak Russian in the heat of passion? Because if you do, I guess I better bye one of those language tapes, you know Russian for dummies.”

“No, I hardly ever speak my father’s language. I don’t feel that confident speaking Russian because Spanish was our main dialect at home as well as English, of course.”

“ Fine! Now to the matter at hand, are you okay? I didn’t hurt you too much, did I?”

“I’m sorry to have been such a baby. But no, after the initial shock, I was fine and you sure helped me deal with it.”

“I’m glad! Now I better take a shower and head for home.”

“You’re not spending the night?”

Caine heard the hurt in Delko’s voice. “Do you want me to?”

“Oh, H, you know I do. Please, I want to wake up in your arms. Please don’t go!”

“Okay, sweetie. I just didn’t want to come off as too pushy, but I’d love to stay. Come here and cuddle up closer; I love the feel of you in my arms.”

“I love the feeling of your arms around me,” Delko replied as he drew himself closer. They fell asleep in deep contentment, not knowing the trouble that lay ahead of them.


Always an early riser, Caine was already showered and dressed by the time Delko opened up his deep brown eyes. Caine could see it was a struggle for him. He first opened his left eye, then his right, groaning as the sunlight hit him in the face. He almost closed his eyes again and turned over when he heard a clearing of the throat coming from the bedroom door.

“Okay, Sleeping Beauty. Time to rise and shine, it’s almost 6:30 and we have to be at the lab by 8:00 am for the weekly staff meeting.”

“Hey, doesn’t sleeping with the boss give me some advantages? Why don’t you let me skip the meeting, after all I’m a little worn out after all my exercise last night?”

“Hey, kiddo, remember I’m just as worn out as you are and I managed to get up, so come on. High tail it out of that bed and while you shower, I’ll make us both some breakfast.”

“Oh, come on, H. Give me a break. Let me go back to sleep; for just a few more minutes,” Delko moaned as he rolled over unto his stomach, pulling the sheets over his head at the same time.

Walking over to the bed, Caine grabbed the sheet and quickly pulled it off the young CSI and gave him a sharp slap on his butt.

“OWWWW! Okay, okay, you made your point. I’m getting up, I’m getting up!”

Delko, without any further argument, jumped out of bed, grab a clean pair of shorts along the way and made his way into the bath, rubbing his bottom as he walked. Caine smiled to himself as he left the bedroom.

Caine had the bacon and eggs all prepared and had just finished brewing the coffee when a more alert Delko entered the room. He happily accepted the hot mug of coffee Caine had just finished pouring and to show his gratitude, gave H a deep kiss, which was returned with equal passion.

“After we eat breakfast I’m going to go back to my place to change, then I’ll meet you at the lab.”

“Are you coming back over tonight?”

“No, I’m not?”

Delko lowered his eyes and tried not to show too much disappointment.

Caine let him suffer just a little before he continued, “I’m not coming over here because it’s your turn to come to my place for a home cooked meal.”

“Oh, H, you’re a real tease!” Delko face broke out in a huge grin. “Me estas tomando el pelo!”

Caine laughed as he grabbed his suit jacket. “If you’re lucky I’ll be pulling more than your leg by the time this day is through.”

Once again Delko felt himself growing red, but he didn’t mind. He loved it when Heratio teased him. With a final kiss, the two men parted company.


Horatio Caine drove quickly back to his apartment to change. He was thankful he took the time to shower at Delko’s because time was running down and if he didn’t hurry he would be late for his own staff meeting. He was so absorbed in his time restraints; he didn’t notice the SUV tailing him as he left Delko’s, which was very unusual for Caine because he was known for being very aware of his surroundings. He pulled in front of his condo and rushed up the steps, taking two at a time. He had no sooner closed the door behind him when it was forced open and two huge men, who could have passes as Japanese Suma wrestlers, barged into Caine’s living room. Before Caine had time to react, the two men were on top of him. The first jabbed a hypodermic needle into his neck while the other restrained him by cuffing both his hands and feet. Within seconds the head of Miami CSI was fully unconscious and being carried to the black SUV, which was parked behind his own car.

They had driven for over an hour before they arrived at the isolated warehouse situated on almost fifty acres of private land. The warehouse from the outside looked just like it should; an abundant building. But of course, looks were deceiving. As the two men carried Caine into the warehouse they entered a room which looked like a normal living room. A couch and a few chairs filled the room, along with an expensive entertainment centre and computer system. They then carried Caine down a ceramic hallway, which branched off to a room fitted with a steel door. Inside the room was a jail cell with one lonely bunk and hanging from the ceiling were shackles of various heights.

“Place him in the cell!” Golden ordered the men. Once they were standing in the middle of the cell, Golden joined them and, with their help, restrained Caine by placing first his wrists in the shackles hanging down in the middle of the cell and then his ankles in the shackles cemented into the floor. He then, along with the two men, left the room, shutting off the light and leaving Caine alone in the darkness.


Caine groggily work up to darkness and thunder pounding in his head. Unable to hold back a groan, he reprimanded himself for being so careless and allowing himself to be captured in this manner.

“Well, Sleeping Beauty, awakes!” a voice came out of the darkness.

“Who is that?” Caine asked, his mind still groggy from the tranquilizer.

“Don’t tell me you’ve forgotten the sound of my voice so quickly. I’m hurt! Maybe a little light will clear your memory.”

Caine turned his head towards the voice and, as his eyes became adjusted to the light and his head became less foggy, the full realization of whom held him prisoner, hit home.


“Oh, you do remember me. I can’t help but be touched.”

Golden unlocked the cell and entered so he could stand in front of his captive. He patted Caine on the cheek and ruffled his hair. He laughed out loud as Caine struggled uselessly against the bonds.

“I’m glad you haven’t lost that fighting spirit because, my dear Lieutenant, you’re going to need it.”

“You’ll never get away with this, Golden. They’re going to miss me at the lab.”

“Oh, my dear Horatio, don’t you think I thought of that? David, will you come in here and join the party.”

Caine’s heart fell into his stomach as his double walked in and stood beside Golden.

“You see, I thought of everything. No one will ever suspect that he’s not the real Horatio Caine. And before you think that there will be one person who will be able to tell the difference, let me inform you that I know about your past relationship to the dearly departed Speedle and how you’ve now taken up with that adorable and sexy Delko. David is really looking forward to that part of the deception.”

“I don’t know what your alluding to, Golden.”

“Oh, my dear Horatio, of course you do. Let’s not play games here, shall we? After all, I don’t have the time and you are definitely not in the position to do so.”

“How did you find out?”

“Well, my dear H, may I call you H? If one has enough money, one can find out anything on anyone. I hired a highly qualified private investigator whose specialty was surveillance, hidden cameras and microphones. He placed bugging equipment and cameras in all your CSI colleagues’ places of residence and he sent me some very interesting pictures in the mail, which helped pass the time during my years of captivity. I wasn’t aware however, that young Timothy had gone to his great reward until shortly before I was released. We had to scramble to discover your latest conquest and I must say I’m very impressed by your choice.”

“Okay, Golden, I won’t play games with you, but please leave Eric out of this. Your issue is with me, not him.”

“But, my dear H, in order for the illusion to be convincing, David here has to continue what you started with young Delko last night. You’re a very good lover by the way. I hope David can live up to your standards.”

“YOU FUCKING BASTARD!” Caine yelled as he once again tried to free himself from his restraints.

“Ha..Ha… Caine, what great satisfaction I’m getting from seeing you in such a helpless and vulnerable position. By the way, don’t concern yourself about how David will manage Delko’s discipline. I told him not to be too cruel with the boy.”

“Please, Golden, do what you want to with me but, please don’t hurt Eric.”

“That, my dear Horatio, is out of your control. As a matter of fact you have no control here at all. Your fate and your life is in my hands just like I dreamed about night after night, for almost five years in that stinking hell-hole you put me in.”

“You put yourself in there, Golden, by killing your wife. I was just doing my job.”

“You’re going to pay for just doing your job, my dear Horatio. Oh yes, you certainly are going to pay.”

With those final words Caine found himself once again in the dark as Golden and the look-alike made their way out of the cell and out of the room.


Delko and the other members of the CSI team were waiting impatiently for their boss to arrive at the lab. He was late. He was never late. Delko tried to hide his concern. He hoped the others took his pacing and looking at his watch every thirty seconds as impatience and not worry. Calleigh who was looking out the window saw Horatio pull into his usual parking spot and announcing to her fellow workers that he had finally arrived. The double tried to contain his nervousness as he approached the building. He had practiced and studied everything he could about the CSI leader but now rehearsals were over and the curtain was about to rise. He took the time to clear his mind of all doubts before he left the elevator. The doors opened and the first face he saw was the face of the young man who was to become his lover. That was the one part of the job he couldn’t wait to carry through. Delko was one hot and sexy man. David found himself fighting down an erection that was threatening to push through his slacks.

Observing that they were alone in the reception area that made up the entrance to the CSI lab, David quickly moved into his Caine character. “Sorry I’m late, sweetie. I hope you weren’t too worried. I was stuck in traffic on the thruway.”

“I was starting to go into panic mode. I made up my mind if you weren’t here in the next fifteen minutes, I was going to call in the Marines.”

“Now that would have been an interesting situation when you tried to explain that particular action downtown to the brass.”

“I’m sure I would have come up with something, H.”

“I have no doubts about that, sweetie. No doubts at all!” Throwing his arm around Delko’s neck he continued, “Let’s get to the meeting, shall we?” The two men made their way down the hall into Horatio’s office where Ryan Wolfe and Calleigh Duquesne were waiting.

‘Well, I think I passed the first test.’ David thought to himself as he removed his arm from around Delko’s neck in order to open the door to his office.


Back at the warehouse Caine was finding himself trying to pass a whole different type of test survival. He had been left alone in the dark again for what seemed like hours when he heard the sound of a door creak and footsteps approaching. The room was filled once more with light as Golden entered the cell. Caine heard him throw something on the bed, but because the bed was behind him, he couldn’t tell what it may be. Then Golden once more became visible, coming around in front of Caine carrying a large blade with a serrated edge.

“Well, my dear Horatio, as you know prison life is not a pleasant way of life and I want you to experience the same events that I had to endure the whole five years I was forced into captivity.”

With those final words Golden ran the blade across Caine’s neck pressing ever so lightly down on his carotid artery. He then moved down and with three quick slashes with the blade, one down each sleeve and one from the neck down, Caine’s shirt tumbled to the floor. Golden once again left Caine’s field of vision. As he spoke, Caine knew he had moved behind him.

“Now, my dear Horatio. I was in my new home for about a day, when I was approached by this giant of man who told me I was going to be his new bitch. He also informed me that in order to let me know that he was the boss, he was going to inflict some punishment on my person, and this is what he did.”

Then Caine felt the first blow to his back, a small gasp escaped his throat but he refused to cry out. Several more blows came down until Caine could feel blood running down his spine. Still he refused to cry out. He would do his best not to give Golden any feelings of satisfaction. This infuriated the doctor to no end. After twenty slashes, and not hearing Caine cry out, he stopped his torture only to escalate the pain by picking up a handful of salt and began rubbing it into the bleeding wounds on Caine’s back. That did the trick. Caine couldn’t suppress his cries of agony and, after one final scream, he passed out.


Horatio’s double had gotten through the staff meeting with no trouble at all and he started to get a confident feeling. After the meeting, everyone went their own way to begin their tasks for the day. David had just started going over Caine’s notes that he had written down on a pending case he may have to testify to in court, when his pager went off. A number of bodies were found on a private beach.

‘Oh shit!’ David thought to himself. The one thing he forgot to mention to Golden, was the fact that he fainted at the sight of blood. He knew he should have confided this crucial bit of information to Golden, but he knew the man was insane and to mention that little imperfection in his character would surely of been the end of him. Golden would not have hesitated to eliminate him from this earth; so he kept his mouth shut.

“Come on, H!” He heard the urgent call from the hallway coming from Delko.

“I have the equipment and Wolfe is bringing the Hummer up front.”

“Listen, Eric, why don’t you all go on ahead and if I’m needed you can give me a call. How does that sound?”

“Come on, H, quit fooling around. You know, as lead investigator in a case like this, you have to be first on the scene before it can be worked. So let’s go; time’s a wasting.”

With great reluctance, David gave in and followed the young CSI down the hall and into the waiting Hummer, where an anxious Ryan Wolfe waited behind the wheel.

All the way to the scene his heart was pounding in his chest and the adrenaline was pounding in his head. His stomach was also doing flip-flops at the thought of what awaited him on that private beach. As the Hummer pulled up, the three CSI investigators could already see part of the carnage that had taken place. Two bloody and very naked bodies were sprawled over a huge sand dune that led to the entrance of the beach. Kneeling next to the bodies was the medical examiner, Alexx Woods, while Calleigh was busy taking pictures and laying down evidence markers. Wolfe and Delko were quick to the chase but David took his time.

“There are six more bodies down the beach, Horatio,” Woods informed him. “Detective Salas is down there interviewing the people who found the bodies.”

“Ryan, you stay here and help Calleigh. Eric, come with me please.”

As Delko and David made their way down the beach, Delko took the opportunity of this private moment to relay his thoughts to Caine.

“ I guess this means dinner is off tonight, doesn’t it? We’ll be burning the midnight oil back at the lab.”

“Well, sweetie, there’s always an early breakfast.”

“That would be nice. I loved sharing breakfast with you this morning.”

“Ya, it was nice and if things go right, we’ll be sharing more than breakfast.”

“Okay, H, I’ll hold on to that thought to get me through the day.”

“And if you’re lucky,” David replied, “You’ll be holding a lot more.”

He smiled as Delko blushed deeply at that comment. Seeing another sand dune up ahead, David took a hold of Delko’s arm and pulled him behind the sand-mountain, where he proceeded in giving him a deep, tongue-in-the-throat, French kiss. He also let his hand roam down to grab Delko by the crutch, giving his penis a long squeeze.

“H, what are doing? You’re taking a hell of a chance, doing this out in the open?”

Delko was shocked by Caine’s behavior. He had never been so bold in public before.

“Relax, sweetie, this sand is camouflaging us from seeing eyes and I just wanted to remind you who you belong to.”

“Come on, H, I don’t need reminding.”

“Are you questioning my actions, young man?”

“Ah, no sir. I’m sorry! I’m just a little surprised, that’s all.”

David grabbed Delko by the arm, turned him around and gave him a quick slap on his butt. “Never question my actions again, is that understood?”

Delko could feel his face getting hot and a lump forming in his throat. Caine was acting very weird this morning and it was making Delko nervous.

“I’m sorry, Boss, it won’t happen again.”

“See that it doesn’t. Now let’s go see what awaits us down the beach.”


Horatio Caine woke up in agony. His whole body ached and the small bed he was lying on, wasn‘t helping. At least he was no longer hanging from the ceiling. It had been hours since he ate or had anything to drink. As he became more aware of his surrounding, he came to realize the only thing he had on was his cotton briefs. Golden must of came in while he was still unconscious, removed him from his shackles and removed his slacks, socks and shoes as well.

God, he was thirsty and to make matters worse he had to use the washroom.

He looked around the cell to see if it was fitted with toilet facilities. It was. In the far corner, Caine spotted a toilet along with a small stainless steel sink. He rolled off the bed and made his way to the toilet. He had just finished relieving himself when Golden re-entered the room.

“Well, my dear Horatio, I see you found it necessary to answer the call of nature. Do I get a word of thanks for providing you with the proper equipment?”

Caine remained quiet as he washed his hands then made his way back to the small bed and sat down on the edge. He tried to make it seem like an act of defiance when in fact, it was because his legs fell like rubber.”

“Are you hungry, my dear Horatio?”

Caine remained silent

“Oh, come now, Caine. You can stop the silent treatment. I have prepared some prison cuisine just for you, but if you refuse to eat, I will take you down the hall to my well equipment hospital and insert an intravenous tube. One way or the other, you are going to partake in some nourishment. The choice on how that is going to happen, is up to you!”

“Fine! Give me the plate.”

“A very wise choice, but I didn’t expect anything less from you.”

Caine grabbed the plate and mug that was handed to him between the bars and despite himself, he wolfed it down in no time flat. It was a tasteless goo, trying to pass as scrambled eggs and bacon, but looked more like wallpaper paste and wooded sticks and tasted about the same. He knew he needed to keep up his strength if he was going to escape from this hell, so he ate it without thinking about it. The liquid that tried to pass itself off as coffee was no better, but it was wet and that’s all that mattered to Caine at the moment.

“Well, did you enjoy your first night in prison, Horatio?”

“Not particularly!”

“I know the first nights are the worst; not knowing what to expect. Well, let me tell you what happened to me after my first night and my encounter with my new boyfriend.”

After breakfast, my fellow inmates and I were led to what the guards called a recreation area where we were forced to partake in some form of exercise. I could be lifting weights, playing basketball, running in place; it didn’t matter, just as long as I worked out. That lasted thirty minutes. Then we were catering off to work. Yes, we all had to earn a living in prison. Now since I was a doctor, I was sent to the infirmary, where I handed out medication, tended to the various ailments the prisoners had and I also had the privilege of washing out bedpans. Now don’t worry, my dear Horatio, I’m not going to make you wash any bedpans or do any work, but I do expect you to keep fit while in my care. So come on, let’s get that blood pumping, shall we.”

Golden rang a buzzer and the two goons that captured Caine in the first place, came out of the shadows and entered the cell. One grabbed a hold of Caine, holding him secure, while the other placed a dog collar around his neck. When he was secured he was led out of the cell into another room. This room was set up like a huge courtyard. In the center of the courtyard was a huge poll with pulleys hanging from it. Caine was pushed towards the center and one of the pulleys was connected to the dog collar. Suddenly to poll began to rotate forcing Caine to run in order to stop himself from being dragged to death. The poll turned slowly at first then kept getting faster and faster until Caine had to struggle to keep up the pace. Beads of sweat were pouring off his body as he was forced to run. Golden sat in the corner under a huge umbrella drinking some kind of liquid and from time to time Caine could here him yelling, “Atta boy, Horatio, keep those legs pumping!”

Finally, after thirty minutes the poll began to slow down until it came to a complete stop. Caine collapsed with sheer exhaustion. Observing a shadow forming on the ground in front of him, Caine looked up into the face of Golden who held out a glass of water. Caine didn’t let pride stand in his way this time, he pulled the glass out of Golden’s hand and in one swallow he poured the contents down his throat.

The two men reappeared, released Caine from the poll and led him back to his cell, where once alone he threw himself face down on the bed and allowed the tears to come.


Caine’s double wasn’t fairing out any better. He was on his knees near the water’s edge, loosing his breakfast. As he and Delko had made their way to the other bodies, David found his breathing becoming a little more rapid and felt sweat forming down his spine. He took in the scene. Six bodies in different poses of death, lay around Detective Salas’s feet. Blood was pouring out of every orifice, which gave the white soil a rusty look to it. At the sight of all that blood, David’s legs became weak and the world around him began to spin. He just barely made it to the water’s edge before he began to vomit. Delko stood in shock for a moment before he reacted. He had never seen the CSI leader have such a reaction to a crime scene before. He ran towards Caine and knelt down next to his boss.

Placing an arm around the man’s shoulder, Delko asked, “Hey, H, are you okay? What’s wrong?”

Not to give up the fact that he hated the sign of blood, which would be a quick giveaway to his identity, David knelt down on his haunches and looked up at the young, concerned face before him.

“It’s okay, Eric. I think my breakfast didn’t agree with me.”

“That’s funny. I feel fine, H, and we ate the same thing.”

That took David aback for a moment but he quickly recovered. “Ya, that’s right. So maybe I’m coming down with something. I had a pounding headache when we left the lab, so maybe I’m catching that flu bug that’s going around.”

“I sure hope not, because that would sure put a damper on things.”

David whispered to the young man, “Don’t you worry about that, sweetie. I could be on my death bed and I’d still find the strength to fuck that little ass of yours.”

Delko’s mouth dropped and, what seemed like the tenth time in two days, he found himself turning deep red. He never heard Caine use such language in his life. The other man sure was acting different this morning. Delco was about to reply when the voice of Alexx Woods cut through their private moment. They hadn’t noticed her as she made her way to the secondary crime scene but both turned in unison at the sound of her voice.

“Are you okay, Horatio?” she asked.

“Ya, Alexx. I feel better now that I’ve lost my breakfast. I may be coming down with something.”

“Well, don’t pass it on to me,” she laughed. “Horatio, this is a mess and it will take me hours to process all these bodies. They were all killed in a different manner. One was stabbed, the two up the beach were shot, two were killed by some heavy object, two were smothered and their throats were slashed and the last one was drowned then carried over to the others. The two males at the entrance were killed first, they must have tried to escape their captures and were chased and shot on sight. Also by the looks of things, there was some sort of sexual assault, but I’ll know more when I get them on my table.”

Calleigh Duquesne joined the conversation. “I’m finished processing the first scene and I left Ryan to finish up while I begin the process here.”

“Fine, thank you, people. I appreciate your hard work. Eric, stay here and help out. I’m going to go back to the lab and start processing what we know so far.”

“Since you’re not feeling well, H, why don’t you go home and we’ll contact you when we have more information.”

“No, I feel better now. I’ll just go back to the lab and await your return.”

“But if you’re coming down with something?”

“Delko, are you tying to give me orders?” David had a threatening tone to his voice that all the CSI’s clued into.

With eyes cast down Delko replied, “No sir, I would never do that.”

“You better not, young man, or else.” Eric knew what ‘or else’ meant even if the others didn’t.

“Fine, everyone finish up here as quickly as you can. We will soon lose the daylight and the sky looks like rain. I’ll be waiting back at the lab.”

When he was gone Eric turned to the others. “Does anyone else think H was acting a little out of sorts today?”

“Now that you brought it up,” Calleigh responded. “I can’t quite put my finger on it, but there is something different about our leader today.”

Everyone shook their heads in agreement then went back to the tasks at hand.


Horatio Caine wasn’t sure what time it was. Because the room he was kept in had no windows, he could only go by his instincts. He figured he slept over three hours after his ordeal in the exercise room so it would now make it around twilight. He was ashamed of himself for letting his emotions get the best of him. He was a very strong man; he hardly cried when Speedle died. Instead he let work take over but held prisoner like this with no means of an outlet for his emotions, had caused the tears to come. But he had to admit to himself, if somewhat stubbornly, he felt better for the breakdown.

Suddenly the door banged open and the voice of his tormentor could be heard once again through the darkness. “Time for your shower, my dear Horatio.” The room was once more flooded with dim light. Golden unlocked the cell and led the way into the shower.

“Where are your two goons?” Caine asked.

“They’re not far away if I need them, so don’t get any funny ideas. Now, I want you to remove your shorts and get into the shower stall.”

Feeling sticky and grimy from what he had been through, Caine didn’t need much coaxing.

“Do you know what happens to new inmates in prison showers, my dear Horatio?”

Caine’s blood turned cold. He knew what his jailer was eluding to. Standing naked in this cold wet room, Caine never felt more venerable or exposed in his whole life.

Golden let his eyes rake down Caine’s body. “My dear Horatio, you a quite a specimen, aren’t you?”

Caine just glared at Golden, trying not to let him see his discomfort. He shivered despite the hot water that was beginning to pour out of the showerhead. Before he could react, Golden had moved into the shower stall with him and, with more strength than Caine had anticipated, spun him around so his whole body was crushed into the shower wall. Without any preliminaries or preparation, Golden abruptly rammed his full length into Caine with unmerciful force. To Caine it felt like he was being ripped in two. As much as he tried he couldn’t hold back the screams as Golden pounded into him again and again. Tears again flowed from his closed eyes as he was forced to bear the most unbearable pain he had ever felt before. His eye suddenly shot open as he felt a hand on his penis.

“Let go of me, you bastard!”

“Oh, my dear Horatio, I don’t want to be the only one to experience pleasure here this evening.”

Caine tried to fight for control, but between Golden’s penis rubbing his prostate and the other man’s hand stimulating his penis, Caine felt himself become erect. Every pounding movement was met by a pull until Caine could not longer hold it back and he shot all over the shower stall. After a few more grunts and moans, Golden also exploded inside the CSI leader. As he pulled out, Caine could feel semen mixed with blood running down his legs and then down the drain as the water washed everything away.

“You see, my dear Horatio, that’s what took place my first night in prison; and as that monster was rapping me, I kept imagining what it will be like to have you at the end of my penis. It was even more glorious than I imagined. Now that you have lost your virginity to me, you are my bitch as they say in prison and you will be obligated to give me pleasure at any time of day or night. The pleasure may come in various forms. I may want you on your knees with my penis in your mouth, or on all fours with my penis up your ass. I may gratify myself by watching you jerk off or I may even let my two bodyguards have a go at you. Sharing one’s bitch in prison is common practice. Whatever I decide, you will have to endure just as I had to.”

“Listen, you sick son of a bitch, my people will be looking for me and when they find me, I will be the one having all the pleasure of seeing you being hauled out in shackles for your second stay in a state facility.”

“Have you forgotten about that lovely double that is taking your place. I wonder if he’s lying next to young Delko right now about to make love to him, or maybe our little Eric was a bad boy and he’s finding himself over David’s lap. What do you think?”

“Golden, once again I beg you not to hurt Eric. He’s innocent in all this. As you know, our relationship is in it’s early stages and he may not be able to handle a rough manhandling.”

“I am touched by your concern, but as I said before it is out of my hands. Now why don’t you slip into these jeans and T-shirt and I’ll take you back to your cell where you can contemplate what my next move may be.”


Back at the lab, Caine’s double was pouring through forensic and medical magazines in order to prepare himself for the conversations he would no doubt be involved in when the CSI team returned to the lab with the bodies and the evidence they gathered.

‘I’ll have to get over this fear of blood if I’m going to be able to continue as Horatio Caine,’ David thought to himself. He had just put down the Forensic Monthly and was about to try and make it through some autopsy magazine Woods had left hanging around when he heard the crew return. Opening up a desk drawer he quickly hid the magazines then grabbed some official looking papers to keep the suspicion away.

“Hi, H!” came out of Delko’s mouth as he made his way into the lab. Followed closely by Duquesne who was carrying bags of bloody clothes and other forms of evidence.

“Where’s Ryan?” David asked.

“As usual, H, he accompanied Alexx to the morgue and they’re waiting there for you.”

“Well let them wait, Eric. I have more pressing matters to attend to.” David waved the papers in his hands under Delko’s nose. There was no way he was going down into that morgue with all those bodies and watch the autopsy because he would faint for sure.

“But, H,” Delko began to argue. “You know that’s procedure; and besides you’ve never missed one of Alexx’s autopsies before.”

“Listen to me, young man! That is the second time today you have argued and questioned my actions. Enough is enough! I want you to go into my office and wait for me. I’ll be there shortly.”

A lump was beginning to form in Delko’s throat along with a sickening feeling in his stomach.

“I’m sorry, H. I don’t mean any disrespect, but it’s not like you not to follow procedure.”

“It’s too late for an apology. To my office, NOW!”

In all the years that Calleigh Duquesne had worked with Horatio Caine, she had never heard him raise his voice. Oh, she had heard his voice become cold and full of threatening promises, from time to time, when a suspect was trying to get away with murder or trying to make light of the work that CSI does, but he never rose his voice to anyone, especially Delko, because he knew how sensitive the young man could be and how easily his feeling were hurt. When Delko, with head down, left the lab to make his way down the hall to Caine’s private office, she took the opportunity to confront the man she thought was her boss, colleague and friend.

“Horatio, take it easy. You know Eric didn’t mean any disrespect. Don’t ball him out.”

“Look, Calleigh, I appreciate your concern but it’s not of your business how I treat my Brat. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some discipline to carry out.”

Calleigh let the confusion show on her face. She had no idea what this man was talking about and her confusion showed in the tone of her voice.

“What are you talking about? What do you mean to do to Delko and why did you call him your ‘Brat’?”

“Come off it, Duquesne, stop playing dumb. Now get to work and discover how those poor people on the beach were massacred.”

‘Something is not right here,’ she thought to herself as she watched her boss make his way to his office. ‘I think I better follow up on this and see what’s going on with Horatio.’


Delko was so nervous he couldn’t sit still. He’d sit for a few seconds then bound to his feet and pace the room. He would then wear himself out and sit back down, only to find himself back on his feet and pacing once again in a few seconds. He remembered the one and only time Horatio had spanked him. It was in this very room, as a matter of fact, and it was because he had been acting like such a jerk. He had deserved that spanking, but he surely didn’t deserve the one he knew was forthcoming.

David opened the door and shut it quietly. He made his way to the desk and pulled a paddle, he had placed in there earlier, out of the top drawer. He moved to the front of the desk and sat down. He then ordered Delko to pull down his pants and shorts and place himself over his lap.

Delko tried once more to plead his case. “Please, H, I’m sorry. Don’t punish me!”

“Come here, Eric. NOW! AND DROP THOSE PANTS!”

Delko became very afraid of the paddle and began to beg in Spanish “Lo siento….Lo siento…I’m sorry.”

“Stop speaking that gibberish and get over my lap.”

Delko felt like he had been hit in the stomach. Why was Horatio suddenly calling his native tongue gibberish and why was he acting so cold and hateful. David had enough of this stalling. He reached out and grabbed the young CSI, and with a few moves he had Eric’s pants and shorts down. He pulled him over his lap and, with no warm-up, he began to spank Delko with quick steady smacks. One cheek then another until both were red.

Delko began to cry out in pain and anger, “Dejame en paz!” then in English, “Leave me alone! Please stop…por favor, para.”

David only hit Delko four times on each cheek before he stopped and pushed the young man off his lap. He helped him stand, then took him into his arms.

“There, there, baby. It’s all over. I just wanted to get my point across. I will not tolerate arguing or disrespect. Is that understood?”

Delko clung to David like there was no tomorrow and cried into his chest. Finally gaining some control he pulled away from David just enough so he could look into his eyes. What he saw there, made the wheels start turning in his head but he never let on that he suspected something was wrong. He just hugged David again and said he was sorry. He then allowed a kiss to be given and even allowed David to help him pull his shorts and pants back up.

“I’m sorry, H. I promise to be a good boy from now on.”

“That’s my little sweetie boy. Now go wipe your face and get back to work. I’m going to go back to my place and begin preparing a lovely meal for us and I will also prepare the bedroom, if you know what I’m getting at.”

Delko blushed in spite of himself and told this man he understood exactly what he was getting to.

“Now, Eric, keep an eye on the time. It is now 8:00 PM and I expect you home no later that 10:30 PM. If you run into something that will delay you getting home at that time, I expect a phone call. But it better be mighty important to delay you, is that clear?”

“Crystal clear, H.”

“Good! Now go join Calleigh and I’ll see you later.” Before he let Delko leave the room however David pulled him towards his face where he placed a long lingering kiss on his lips. Delko congratulated himself on his self control at not pulling away and even allowed David’s tongue to slip into his mouth. Finally it was over and Delko left the room to find Calleigh.

Delko found Calleigh in the morgue with Alexx Woods. She was discussing the conversation between Delko and Caine with the medical examiner. She stopped talking the minute she spotted Delko coming into the room.

“Hi, Calleigh, Alexx. I’m glad I got you both together. You may think I’m crazy, but the man in that office is not Horatio Caine!”

“I was telling Alexx the same thing. What was that about him calling you his ‘Brat’?”

Eric, looking for a way out of that because he wasn’t sure if Caine wanted everyone to know about their personal relationship, came up with what he thought was a reasonable explanation.

“Sometimes when Heratio and I are at a crime scene together and, I guess because I’m the youngest of the group, he…ah…sometimes calls me his little brat. Especially when I question why he comes up with his theories and stuff.”

Buying that explanation the two women moaned and said together, “AHHH, isn’t that cute!”

Delko feeling like he was blushing for the tenth time that day but continued on with his doubts about the man they thought was their supervisor.

“When I was really close to him in there, I looked into his eyes and he’s wearing colored contact lenses.”

“How close were you, Eric?” Calleigh asked. “Did he really spank you?”

“Of course not! But he did chew me out and when he was up close and personal, I noticed his eyes. Now we all know Horatio has the deepest blue eyes and that the blue is very intense, right?” The women nodded their heads in agreement but didn’t interrupt the young man. “Well I noticed he had contact lenses on and we all know Horatio has perfect vision. He doesn’t need contacts and, to top it all off, I noticed under the contact lenses that his eyes are really a gray color.”

“How can you tell that?” Calleigh asked.

“I can answer that,” Alexx responded. “Colored contacts only mask a person’s eye color but they’re only tinted and if you look real close you can see the real color of a person’s eyes. The deeper the lenses have to be made to match a person’s eye color, the easier it is to spot them as phony if you look close enough.”

“And believe me, girls, I did. So now what do we do?” Delko asked.

“Well. If he’s here, that means the real Horatio is being held somewhere and probably is in danger, so we don’t want to give our hand away that we know he’s a phony until we can learn more about him. Eric, do you think you could get a fingerprint sample off him without making him suspicious?”

“Ya, Calleigh, I could; but why don’t we just use something here?”

“Because, you little brat,” she smiled, “the real Horatio’s prints are all over this place, so we need fresh prints.”

“Ya, that makes sense. Well…ah…he invited me over to his place tonight for dinner, so maybe I should go and try to take his drinking glass or something.”

“Great idea! In the meantime, Alexx, if you can try and get a closer look at him, with your trained medical eye you may spot something Eric and I missed.”

“What about including Wolfe in this?”

“I don’t think he would be much help in this area. I mean, after all he hasn’t worked with Horatio enough to be aware of his behavior patterns, etc. Don’t you agree, Eric?”

Delko agreed with Calleigh, but he added, “We sure can use his law enforcement experience however when it comes time to rescue H, if we need to.”

“Agreed! Now we better look like we’re busy before he gets suspicious.”

“He told me he was going home to get dinner ready.”

“He’s feeling better, is he?” Alexx asked. “I didn’t buy that story of a flu bug for a minute. I think that’s another signal that he’s a fake. I mean the thought of Horatio Caine throwing up at a crime scene is just plain ludicrous.”

“Speak of the devil, here he comes.” Delko whispered as he noticed their supervisor making his way towards them.

David didn’t come in however. He just waited outside for his team to come to him.

Delko came out first. “Hi, H! I’m just finishing up my report and passing on to Alexx so I can leave early. I’m starved. Oh, by the way, can I pick up something for the dinner? I mean, wine maybe?”

“A nice bottle of red wine would be fine, sweetie. Now run along and finish up quickly.”

“What are you doing, Calleigh?” he asked the beautiful blond criminologist as she made her way out of the morgue,

“Oh hi, H. I’m just getting plaster casts from some of the wounds so I can better identify the weapons used.”

“That makes sense. Thank you and keep up the good work.”

“You know I will.”

He gave her one of his little smiles as she strode past him.

‘God, he’s almost a perfect replica,’ she thought to herself as she reentered the weapons room.

Seeing that the CSI supervisor wasn’t going to come in, Alexx Wood made her way into the hallway.

“Do you have time for a cup of coffee before you leave and are you feeling up to it?”

“I feel a lot better now thanks and yes, a cup of coffee would be nice. Let’s go the staff room.”

While in there, Wood’s did her best to take a good hard look at this man without being too obvious. She had almost given up when he turned his head to look for the sugar on the other table and she spotted it, right above his shirt collar….a surgical scar. She knew the real Horatio Caine never had stitches or needed surgery in that area, which led her to the most obvious conclusion…Plastic Surgery. Her blood began to pump in excitement. Every plastic surgeon has their own style their signature so to speak. If she could get a closer look at the scar, she might be able to find out who the surgeon was who performed the operation. With that information, they may be able to find out where the real Horatio was.


Where the real Horatio was, came real close to what hell must be like. He found himself once more in the hands of this sadistic lunatic. This time Golden was talking about what he did before he went to prison. He talked about the BDSM club he belonged to and what things went on there.

“Have you ever been spanked, my dear Horatio?”


“Not even as a boy?”

“My mother never believe in spankings. If we disobeyed her, my brother and I were given time outs or we lost some of our privileges. There was never any corporal punishment in our home.”

“But you believe it is necessary, right?”

“Yes, I do. Maybe if my brother Raymond were to have had more discipline to help him deal with his life, he may still be alive today.”

“Is that why you spanked Speedle and now that sweet Delko?”

Too tired to beat around the bush, Horatio just answered with a positive nod.

“It works doesn’t it? The release of built-up emotion is very good for the well-being of a person, don’t you agree?”

“Under the right circumstances and if it is done with love, tenderness and understanding, yes I agree.”

“How can one be tender when one is hitting another’s bottom.”

“You know what I mean. When you see blisters forming or the cries of pain turn into screams, you stop. You don’t spank for pain sake. You spank for discipline sake. You spank until the skin gets red and tears are shed. You also let the person being spanked know why he is being disciplined. That way he doesn’t confuse it with something entirely different. Of course, you don’t turn the discipline into an erotic situation. Just do it, then let it go.”

“Oh, my dear Horatio, you do have a soft spot, but I don’t see it like that.”

“Why doesn’t that surprise me!” Caine answered sarcastically.

“When you spank Delko, what do you use?”

“If you spied on me, you know what I use.”

“Yes, just your hand, don’t you? And that’s all you used on the late Mr. Speedle as well.”

“I don’t believe in using instruments of any kind.”

“That’s where we differ again. I love using instruments; paddles, whips, canes. You name it, I’ve used it. I prefer the cane but not on the first round. I usually start my punishment with a paddle, like the ones they use at sorority events. You know what kind I mean, don’t you, my dear Horatio?”

“No, but I have a feeling I’m about to find out.”

“You are so clever, Lieutenant Caine. That must be why you are in charge of the CSI team. Now to show you that I’m not the complete brute you think I am, your first session with the paddle will be administered through your jeans. Then, as we progress, you will get in on your bare butt.”

“How generous of you.”

“Isn’t it though! Now stand up and assume the position over the night stand, or do I have to call in my two friend to come and hold you down?”

“Let’s just get this over with because, one way or another, it’s going to happen.”

Caine got up and moved over the tiny steel nightstand by the cot and, grabbing the back edges, he bent over and waited for the first blow. It came quickly and fiercely. Slap after slap rained down until Caine felt his legs grow weak with the pain. He finally cried out as the fifteenth blow came down, but he didn’t beg. He would never give this man the satisfaction of hearing him beg. He just screamed as each blow hit then he allowed the tears, that he was holding back, to spill. By the time the sixtieth blow came, Caine was crying in earnest. His whole body shook as sobs escaped his throat. Then as quickly as it started it was over. Caine felt his pants being pulled down and he braced himself of the second assault on his bare skin, but it didn’t come. Instead he felt a cool cloth, patting and soothing his reddened skin. As Golden moved away, Caine allowed himself to drop to the floor in near exhaustion and pain. He slowly made his way to the cot by crawling on his knees. As he lay down on his stomach and squeezing his pillow for comfort, he once again began to cry. He heard the evil sound of laughter as Golden left the room with the promised to return in the morning to continue with the discipline. He wouldn’t make it through another day of this; he had to find away to escape. Before he fell asleep, he said a silent prayer that his team would discover that there was an imposter in their midst and also that the imposter wouldn’t hurt Eric in any way.


“Okay, Eric,” Delko was speaking to himself as he made his way to Caine’s home. “You have to come up with a plan or idea to prevent yourself from having to have sex with that man.” He had experience real joy being with Horatio and there was no way he was going to let the other man touch him. “If I was a woman, I could tell him it was that time of the month.” Suddenly it dawned on him what he could do. He would have to make a quick stop at the all night drug store on the corner next to Caine’s condo, but that wouldn’t take more than a few minutes and he still had plenty of time. He hated being sick but it would be worth it to save himself from this man. He only wanted the real thing inside of him.

After stopping at the drugstore to pick up the medication he would need that would cause him to vomit, Delko rushed to the condo where the imposter was waiting. He made his way up the elevator, reading the instructions on the bottle as the car moved up to the top floor. He took the small pills out of the bottle to avoid detection and placed them in his shirt pocket.

“Okay, Eric.” Before the elevator doors opened, Delko gave himself a pep talk. “When you go in begin with the thought that you aren’t feeling that well and from time to time hold your stomach. Don’t take any wine because you will need a clear head. Make sure you grab something he’s touched. You can do this. Tu eliges, it’s up to you.”

The elevator doors opened and with slightly shaky knees, Delko walked up to the door and rang the bell. David answered after the first chime. He stepped aside to allow Eric to enter. He helped Delko off with his jacket, took the bottle of wine out of his hand and at the same time leaned in for a kiss.

“Do you want a glass now, sweetie, or do you want to wait until dinner?”

“I don’t think I want any, H. My stomach feels a little funny. I may be coming down with what you had this morning.”

“Oh, sweetie, I hope not. Maybe you’re just hungry. Help yourself to the hors d’oeuvres while I open this bottle to allow it to breathe.”

Delko reached for a cracker and dip, then when David’s back was turned he took the pills out of his pocket and slipped them into his mouth. He swallowed them easily with the help of the dip. The instructions on the bottle stated it would take between thirty and forty-five minutes for the pills to take affect, which gave Delko enough time to find something this man had touched. He had deliberately purchased a bottle of wine that needed a corkscrew to open it, and luck was on his side. After David opened the bottle with the silver plated corkscrew, he excused himself to go into the kitchen to take out the wineglasses he had chilled in the fridge freezer. Delko grabbed the corkscrew and, after carefully wrapping it up in a napkin, hid it in his jacket pocket.

“Are you sure you don’t want any wine, sweetie. It’s delicious. You made an excellent choice.”

“No thanks, H, but I’d love to eat now if it’s okay with you.”

“Everything is ready. I’ve grilled us some steak and made baked potatoes. How does that sound?”

“It sound inviting.”

Delko once again grabbed his stomach and gave a little groan as he began to eat. He had no more than eaten two or three bites when the medication took affect. He got up so quickly he knocked the chair over and, grabbing his mouth, he ran to the bathroom. He just made it. David found him kneeling on the side of the toilet, puking his guts out. He hated throwing up so bad. Tears were coming out of his eyes, but that was good as it added to the effect. He kept throwing up for fifteen minutes straight. When he felt he was finished he let himself fall over until he was leaning on the side of the bathtub for support. David moved over to him and, after cleaning him up, took him in his arms. Delko started to cry in earnest then, because he wanted the real Horatio Caine and not this carbon copy. He did his best, however, not to give way to suspicion, by wrapping his arms around the man’s waist and squeezing him to his body.

“Oh, baby, are you alright? Do you feel any better?”

“A little, thanks, but I think I better go home.”

“Don’t be silly! Stay here and I’ll take care of you.”

“Thanks anyway, H, but when I’m sick I want to be alone. No offence meant.”

“None taken, sweetie. Come here, I’ll help you up and get your coat.”

Not wanting David anywhere near his coat in case he felt the corkscrew, Delko made his way up and passed by the man to make his way into the living room first and grabbed his coat. “Thanks, H, but as you can see, I can do it myself.”

“At least let me drive you home.”

“Well, if it’s not to much trouble I’d really appreciate it, just in case I get sick again. I can pick up my car tomorrow if I’m feeling better.”

“Sounds like a plan, Eric. Let’s go.”

“I’m so sorry I ruined our evening, H, but I’ll make it up to you, I promise.”

“I know you will, sweetie.”

Delko had to get David to pull over once on the way back to his place, and he even allowed him to help him up to the apartment but insisted he was fine when David offered to come in and help him into bed.

The imposter left with little argument, which sealed the deal that he was truly an imitation. There was no way Caine would leave Eric alone if he was sick. Caine would have pushed his way in if he had to, but he wouldn’t of let Eric spend the night alone.

As soon as he was in the apartment, Eric called Calleigh, being very careful at what he said on the phone incase in was bugged. He told her he had a package for the lab that was delivered to his place by mistake and, telling her how sick he was, asked if she wouldn’t mind swinging by to pick it up immediately and take it to the lab for processing.

She agreed and stated she would be there in less than fifteen minutes. Being a woman of her word, in thirteen minutes flat she was an Eric’s door. Not even bothering to come in with the excuse she may catch what he had, she took the napkin covered corkscrew from Delko and at the same time passed him a note she had written informing him of Alexx’s plans to examine this imposter. She also had an idea the apartment may be bugged by the way Eric talked on the phone and that’s why she chose to write down the message. He thanked her then told her she better hurry with that important piece of evidence.

He went into the bathroom and turned the water on for a shower. While he waited for the water to reach the proper temperature he read the note.


When that man comes in tomorrow morning, Alexx is going to offer to buy him a coffee, which we hope he accepts and which we know he will. The coffee will be laced with a sedative that will knock him out for about thirty minutes. This drug is so neat when the subject comes to, he doesn’t even realize he was out cold as they figure their lack of forgetting the line of conversation is that they just slipped into a day dream of some sort. While he’s out Alexx is going to examine some scarring she noticed on his neck. From that she thinks she can figure out what doctor performed plastic surgery on that man. See you in the morning.

Slipping into the shower, Delko knew their plans would take a lot of luck but had a feeling luck was going to be on their side. It had to be, because he wanted the real Horatio Caine back.


“Are you ready for breakfast, Horatio?” Golden asked. This time Caine didn’t resist. He was starving and he knew he had to keep up his strength. As he grabbed the tray through the bars he noticed breakfast looked a little better than yesterday. Without saying a word he sat on the edge of the bed and began to eat.

“While your eating, my dear Horatio, I’ll give you a progress report on how your twin is doing. He’s completely fooling your team. He even went to a crime scene. Unfortunately for your young brat, he had to discipline Delko. Just to let you know, despite my insistence that he stick to your characteristics, a little of his own sneaked out and he used a paddle.”

Horatio hoped his expression didn’t show through as to what he was thinking. He told Eric he would never use anything but his hand on him. Hopefully, Eric will suspect something was terribly off.

“Did he hurt Eric much?”

“Not much, my dear, only a little bruising. David invited him over for dinner but poor young Eric became terribly sick and, since he doesn’t like people around him when he’s sick, he went home. David hasn’t had the opportunity to fuck him yet, but there is always tomorrow, isn’t there?”

Once again Caine felt a glimmer of hope. Eric loves to cuddle when he’s sick. He remembered a time before they were even in a relationship, Delko came to work with a cold and high fever. Since he had taken cold medication he was unable to drive himself home, so Caine volunteered. All the way to Eric’s place, the young man cuddled right up to his supervisor. Placing his head on Caine’s shoulder as he drove. He even asked Caine to stay with him for a little while and hold his hand until he fell asleep. Of course, Caine complied. Maybe Delko was becoming suspicious of the double. Caine certainly hoped so.

“Finish your breakfast, Horatio, and then we will have some recreational activities.”

Caine didn’t like the sound of that.


Back at Miami Dade Police headquarters, Alexx Woods was bringing David a cup of coffee. She hoped he didn’t notice her lacing it with the drug she took from the lab.

They made small talk, and David told her he was going to call Delko after he finished the coffee to see how the young CSI was doing. After about four sips, he started shaking his head as if he were trying to clear the cobwebs. Woods noticed when he began rubbing his eyes and she also noticed he was starting to slur his words and was having a hard time focusing on the conversation. Within another five minutes, the double of Horatio Caine was slipping to the floor, fully unconscious.

Ryan Wolfe and Eric Delko, who were hiding in the other room, came in as soon as Alexx paged them and helped carry David to the morgue. They undressed him and placed him on the table just as Calleigh joined them. Alexx hadn’t bothered placing a sheet over him so he was in full view. Calleigh made a nice comment on his size, but Delko kept his opinion to himself. After all, how could he justify the knowledge that this man wasn’t as well endowed as the real thing. Seeing the size of this man cemented the fact to Delko that this was indeed a fake and he sure hoped Alexx would be able to confirm it as well.

They all held their breaths as Woods examined the body of what looked like the CSI supervisor. Finally she straightened up and turned to her colleagues.

“This indeed is a double. The plastic surgery was excellent but no amount of work can be fully hidden and I know who’s work this is. Under the hair line there is a small golden bar that looks like a tattoo. Only one man ever put this mark on his patience and that is Dr. Ben Golden.” She explained as she relayed her findings to the group. Duquesne and Delko looked at each other; both were familiar with this man and his threats against their boss and friend.

“Okay, quickly, guys. Let’s get him dressed and place him on the couch in the lounge. We’ll tell him he passed out and that it must be the effects of the flu he had yesterday. Then we’ll start investigating what the good doctor has been up to since his untimely release.” Alexx said.

David woke up with a headache but other than that, he had no idea he was drugged. He even bought their story that he passed out. They called it effects of the flu but he put it down as stress. It was very hard keeping up this charade of being the great Horatio Caine. He knew he had blown it by using the paddle on Delko, but he couldn’t help himself. He also knew when the time came to finally have sex with this young stud, it was going to be rough and hard. He’d explain the difference in the technique as being just too damn horny. Beside he didn’t care if the kid believed it or not; Delko was his now and if he choose the paddle or being rough, so be it. He would deal with Golden as well. When he was fully established as Caine, David had plans to eliminate the good doctor along with the original Caine. He liked this life and he didn’t want to go back to being nobody.

Despite all their searching for clues about Golden, they couldn’t find a thing. The doctor was very good at hiding his trail.

“Okay, guys,” Delko told the rest of the team. “We’ll have to let this imposter know the game is up and that we know what’s going on and get him to tell us where our H is.”

“Okay, Eric, that’s fine,” Calleigh stated. “But we have to be careful. We can’t let him escape because if he gets away and we loose him, that will truly put H in mortal danger.”

“Hey,” Wolfe put in his two cents. “Why don’t we just hint that we suspect something. Spook him enough that he’ll have to contact Golden and then well know where H is.”

“Oh ya, Ryan,” Eric had a sarcastic tone to his voice. “Like Golden won’t have means to scramble the phone so it can’t be traced. He’s too clever for that, and if he knows we’re on to his double he, will surely kill Horatio.”

“He may be dead already and we have to face that fact.” It seemed the words weren’t even out of his mouth when Wolfe saw Eric’s fist coming towards his face. Calleigh managed to grab a hold of Delko’s arm to prevent him from carrying through with the punch.

“Shut the fuck up, Wolfe! H is not dead! Golden would never do that. He’s more that likely to keep H around in order so he can play with him. This Golden was deep into BDSM, so keep your damn opinions to yourself!”

“Okay, boys,” Woods spoke up. “Go to your neutral corners. We have to work as a team here if we’re going to get Horatio back. Ryan, we work on facts here, not depositions. So for now we work as Horatio is still alive. Understood, sugar?”

“Yes, Ma’am. Eric, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to upset you.”

“Forget it. Now what are we going to do about the double?”

Duuquesne gave herself a moment before she replied. She was working out a plan in her head. When she was sure she had it figured out she shared it with the others.

“Listen up, we do confront the double and let him know the game is up. Then we give him a chance at redeeming himself and save his ass. We tell him if he cooperates with us, he’ll live. If he doesn’t, we’ll take him out in the swamp and let the alligators get him. We’ll let him know we’re experts on how bodies can be buried in Florida and never be seen again. I’m sure he’s had to report in to his boss from time to time. We’ll tell him to get on the phone and tell Golden he has to go back to where Golden is keeping Caine because a situation has come up that only the real Horatio can help him with. That way Golden won’t get suspicious on why the double has to come back to the location.”

Delko interrupted her with a question. “Why can’t we just get him to tell us where the location is?”

“Are you going to trust anything that man tells you, Eric?” Seeing Eric negatively nodding, she continued, “I didn’t think so. No, the best way is to get that man to take us to Horatio.”

“I think that’s the best plan of action, Calleigh,” Woods interjected. “Let’s not waste any time. I think he’s in the trace lab going over my findings at the crime scene, as if he’d know what he was looking at.”

“Alexx, about that beach case; we have to keep working on it. After all, these people have family members who want to know what happened to their loved ones. Horatio would have our heads if he found out we were neglecting a case.”

“Don’t worry, Calleigh, I gave the bodies over to Tony and we know he’s a great pathologist, and as far as all the other findings, I passed them on to other field workers in the lab until we can take over again. So don’t worry, nothing is being neglected.”

“Is that why you get paid the big bucks, Alexx, cause you think of everything?” Delko teased the medical examiner.

“You got that right, sugar, and don’t you ever forget it!” They all laughed for moment then returned to the serious business at hand. In unison they walked down the hall to trace to confront the imposter.


At the same time his double was being confronted by his team, Horatio Caine found himself in a compromising position. Golden’s goons had led him into a room which was set up like movie theater, the only difference is that instead of chairs, a hospital bed was placed in front of the huge screen. Caine once again found himself stripped and strapped down to the bed. Golden approached him and began manipulating his penis until he had given Caine an erection. When he was satisfied with his work he placed a cock ring on the penis to prevent Caine from ejaculating. He also placed electrodes on his nipples.

“Now, my dear Horatio, I am going to put on some hard porn movies for your enjoyment. If you close your eyes to prevent yourself from watching the screen, this is what you will feel.”

Caine jumped as volts of electricity shot through the electrodes to his nipples. He couldn’t help prevent a short scream of pain from escaping his throat.

“Now that you understand the rules, I want to see how long it will take you before you beg for your release. This was a very popular game at he BDSM club. I lasted thirty minutes before I begged my top. Let me see if you can beat that record. I will be in the next room observing you. Now, let the show begin.”

Caine was a very disciplined man and he had the power to let his mind think of two things at the same time. He let his mind drift to how he would have the pleasure of seeing this man suffer for what he was being put through. He also could hear the moaning and groaning on the screen as two men had sex. After forty minutes had passed, Caine could no longer ignore the throbbing sensation in his penis and the pain was beginning to get intense. After another five minutes passed he began to beg Golden for release. Golden was so pissed off at Caine’s discipline, he let him beg for another ten minutes until he knew the pain and the need for release was unbearable He slowly re-entered the room and took his time removing the device. He then placed his hand on Caine and pumped his penis a few times until sweet release was achieved.

Before releasing him from his bondage, Golden wiped the sweat soaked body of his captive with a hot, warm cloth., making sure he took extra time when he washed him between the legs.

“My dear Horatio, I am very impressed by your strength. You have high tolerance for pain, which will give me great hours of pleasure. Now I will shut off the movie and let you rest. My boys will be back for you shortly.”

When alone, Caine sat up and took in his surroundings. He noticed a window high above his head on the east wall. He looked around for something he could climb on which would enable him to look out the window so he could figure out where exactly he may be. Finding nothing like a ladder or chair, Caine managed to pull the bed next to the wall. He then used it as a springboard and, after three or four tries, he managed to grab a hold of the bars covering the window. What he saw made his heart jump with joy. Three police cars and one CSI Hummer were making their way down the dirt road leading to the warehouse. Caine began to tear up. He knew his team would figure out that an imposter was running the show at the lab. Tears fell in earnest when he observed Delko jumping out of the Hummer even before it stopped and, with gun in hand, rushing the building. The other members were right on his heals

Meanwhile Golden was observing Caine through the one-way mirror, when one of his goons told him he had an urgent call from David. He had the call transferred and while keeping one eye on Caine, he answered the phone.

“David, you just e-mailed me your report. Why are you calling me and breaking security?”

“I had no other choice, Doctor Golden. I had to let you know that I have to come to the warehouse and speak to Caine. In three hours, I have to testify in court on a case he was involved with, and I couldn’t find any notes. If I go into court unprepared it may blow your whole plan to pieces”

“Get the case postponed.”

“Don’t you think I tried that? Apparently it has been pushed back three times and the defense attorney and the judge won’t tolerate anymore delays. It is imperative that I speak to Caine.”

“I can speak to him and get back to you.”

“There’s not enough time for that, Doc. It’s a person to person meeting or nothing, which will leave us wide open for discovery.”

Golden was silent for a moment. “Fine, but take extra precautions not to be followed.”

“I won’t be followed, Doc. The group here doesn’t suspect a thing. I’ve blended in nicely. I’ll just tell them I have to go to my place for some notes before I go to court. They’ll buy that. So I’ll see you in about forty-five minutes.”

“Fine, I’ll have him ready.”

David hung up and looked at the CSI team who had been listening on the speakerphone. His face was still pale and his whole body was still trembling from the fear he went through when he was told the gig was up and his identity was discovered. He took their threats seriously, and with little thought of the consequences, he gave up the location and went along with their plan of leading them there.


After contacting Detective Salas and filling her in, the group, with David in tow, made their way to the warehouse. Delko’s heart was pounding in his chest all the way there. He tried to control the adrenaline rush that was surging through his body, but it was a difficult task. As soon as the Hummer pulled to the front of the warehouse, he jumped out. Detective Salas yelled at him to be careful but he didn’t hear her, all he wanted was to get in there and rescue Horatio. Golden heard the sirens and then the sound of wood breaking as Delko slammed through the door. He grabbed a gun and tried to escape down the corridor leading to the room where Caine was being kept. His plan was to kill the CSI Supervisor before he went through a hidden escape tunnel, but he wasn’t fast enough. The door was pushed open and Detective Eric Delko stood there with eyes blazing.


“My, my, my, you must be Eric Delko. You’re even more delicious close up. I can see why Horatio is smitten by you.”

“Shut up, you bastard, and tell me where Horatio is!”

Delko was about to beat the answer out of Golden when he heard Calleigh yelling, “Eric, come here. quick we found him.”

Delko left Golden in the safe hands of Ryan Wolfe and ran down the hall until he came to the entrance to where Horatio stood waiting. He flew into the room and looked around until he spotted the towel clad Horatio Caine being hugged in unison by Alexx and Calleigh. Caine broke the embraced when he spotted the tear-stained face of Delko moving towards him. He opened his arms to take in the young man into a deep embrace.

Delko not caring what Calleigh and Alex were thinking, Delko clung to Caine and began to sob. He also kissed his neck several times as he repeated ‘Thank God you’re safe’ over and over again. Suddenly embarrassed by his actions, he pulled away from Caine and turned his head away from the two women.

“Oh, Sugar, it’s okay. Don’t be embarrassed about your feelings,” Alexx consoled the young man while handing him a Kleenex.

“It’s great to see you all. I knew you’d come and rescue me, and though I’m anxious to hear the story on how you came to the conclusion that David wasn’t me, I’m more anxious to get into some clothes and get the hell out of here.”

“Do you need to go the hospital or anything?” Delko asked.

“No, Eric, I’m fine. No worse for wear, so why don’t you help me find my clothes while Alexx and Calleigh start processing the scene. The more evidence we have as to what this man did to me to back up my statements, the easier it will be for police to put him and that double away for life. And by the way, I want a plastic surgeon to chance that man’s face back to what it once was.”

The group had just left the room and began to move in separate directions, when they heard the sound of several gunshots and moved towards it. They found Ryan Wolfe unconscious on the floor. Beside him lay the lifeless body of Ben Golden. Half his face was missing and his brains were sprayed all over the wall. It didn’t take a trained CSI to recognize the signs of suicide. The imposter also lay lifeless in pool of blood. Golden must have murdered him before he shot himself.

“A coward to the end,” Caine commented as he took in the scene. “Let’s process this and get the hell out of here!”

He took Delko by the arm and led him down the hallway to the room where the cell was located. When they were alone Delko made a move to kiss him but Caine stopped him and pointed towards the cameras on the ceiling. He whispered that they would have plenty of time for that back at his place. He grabbed his clothes and quickly dressed. When they returned to the room where the bodies lay, they saw that Wolfe had regained consciousness and had a sheepish look on his face.

“Hi, Boss. Great to have you back. Sorry about this, but Golden took me by surprise.”

“Don’t worry about it. Hey, guys, I’m going to get Eric to drive me home. After you finish here, go home and rest because I want everyone in the office bright and early tomorrow, okay?”

“You got it, H!” they all stated at once.

“Glad to have you back, Horatio.” Calleigh smiled as she gave her boss and friend a good-bye kiss on the cheek.

Alexx did the same.

Back at Caine’s Condo, the two lovers lay in each other’s arms. They didn’t make love but just cuddled and talked. Caine told Eric everything he had gone through and Eric did the same. Caine laughed out loud when Eric told him what the final clue was that gave David away as an imposter.

“When I saw him naked on Alexx’s table, I knew he wasn’t you….if you get my drift.”

Giving Delco a soft passionate kiss, Caine told him he understood perfectly what he meant. Before they drifted off to sleep Delko asked him once more.

“Are you sure, H, you don’t need to talk to a councilor?”

“No, sweetie, I’m fine. I’ve dealt with worse things that this and besides I have you to talk my troubles over with, don’t I?”

“You sure do and I’ll always be here to listen.”

“Uh, I just thought of something. What about the camera and hidden mikes in here; have they been made immobile?”

“Ha, they sure have. While we were rescuing you, another team was removing all the equipment from all our places.”

“Good, because to tell you the truth, I’m not all that sleepy. Come here, sweetie, and let me show you how much I really missed you.”

Delko smiled and gave himself over willingly to this man he loved more than life itself. As he felt Caine entering his body, he knew everything was going to be just fine and life would soon be getting back to normal.

The end

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