The Beautiful Memories Pictures Can Create

Written By: D’be-D’be

Pairing: Horatio and Eric

Eric Delko looked at the picture for what seemed the hundredth time in ten minutes. He had found it while he was searching in his closet for a clean shirt. It had been stuffed in the pocket of his blue suit jacket and he had just spotted it by accident when he’d moved the coat out of the way and noticed a corner of it sticking out from the top of the pocket.
He had gently removed it, not wanting to damage the contents.

What he was observing brought back a flood of memories that had escaped him since that fateful day he had been shot in the head. He’d survived the incident physically but part of his memory was gone and it was a struggle every day for him to recover his past.

At work he felt like a rookie, not remembering simple procedures that were once common and routine to him. The team, with the exception of Ryan Wolfe who had always treated Delko in a very condescending manner, was patient and understanding which helped him tremendously. His supervisor, Horatio Caine, was the most patient and understanding of them all.

He looked at the picture again as his mind went back in time to the day that Horatio and Eric’s sister, Marisol, informed him they were to be married. Eric remembered how he felt hurt and betrayed at what his supervisor and lover was about to do. He also felt jealous at the fact that his sister was about to carry out an act that was denied to him; that of marrying his lover in an open and legal manner.

Eric ran his fingers over the smiling face of his sister forever frozen in time, before allowing his eyes to look at Caine. Horatio also had a huge smile on his face. They looked like a couple who were truly and forever in love. But looks could be deceiving and in this particular situation it was.

After Horatio had calmed Eric’s temper tantrum down, by first trying calming words then having to resort to a few hard swats on his backside, he explained to his young Brat the reasons behind the marriage. Caine told Eric that Marisol’s cancer treatments were getting to expensive for her to maintain and, as Eric had also wiped out his bank account trying to help out, the best solution was to make Marisol his bride so she would be covered under his departmental health plan. He explained to Eric that he loved Marisol but not as a lover. He loved her because she was Eric’s sister and supported and understood their relationship.

Eric, looking once again at the smiling faces staring up at him, finally remembered how he came to realize that Caine’s plan was logical and practical. He had even agreed to be his best man. Tears came to his eyes as the horrible thoughts of his sister’s murder began to overtake the happy memories. He didn’t remember all the details of that event, only what Horatio told him. He did remember going to Rio and how he and Horatio revenged her death but that was about all. It was like watching a movie. The memories came back in short bursts of scenes and events.

As he placed the photo back in his suit pocket, he reached up over his head to retrieve another picture he kept in a special frame, hidden from nosy and prying eyes. It was a picture of him and Horatio at a very private and exclusive club that only a selective few in Miami knew about.

The club was called ‘Tops’ and the patrons were made up of gay couples who lived in a discipline relationship. It was a place where they could go and be themselves. The food was the best in Miami and the music was top notch. There were also private rooms set aside in case a need for discipline had to be carried out.

Caine had taken Eric there about three weeks after he was out of the hospital. It was wonderful and painful at the same time. Eric had forgotten a lot of things but one thing he didn’t forget was how much he loved Horatio. It was those beautiful deep blue eyes he had first seen when he opened his eyes after several days in a coma and it was the strong hand that was so gentle but could also be severe, he had held on to as he came to grips with what happened to him.

It had not been possible for them to show each other affection in such a public place as a hospital room, but when Horatio finally took him home, they made up for lost time. Horatio had been so gentle with him, like he was afraid he would break him if he was too aggressive, but all Eric wanted was the feel of his lover inside him and the first feeling of penetration. It was all Eric could do to hold back and allow Caine to take the lead. Lying in each other’s arms in the afterglow was the best feeling in the world and one that pleased him to no end.

Caine had also given Eric a lot of leeway as far as breaking the rules was concerned. Eric figured losing someone he was close to and then almost losing the love of his life had softened Caine somewhat and Eric had taken advantage of the lack of discipline, not realizing he could only push Caine so far.

The breaking point came at the Tops Restaurant. Horatio and Eric had just finished a delicious meal and Horatio had asked Eric to dance. The song was “Because You Love Me” by Celine Dion and as Horatio held his young lover close to him, Eric began to move his body in a suggestive way, trying his best to arouse Caine. Horatio never approved of such behavior and told Eric to cool it down.

Thinking his discipline days were over, Eric continued his gyrations and grinding movements. He soon discovered he was sadly mistaken when Horatio stopped the dance, took a hold of Eric’s hand and lead him off the dance floor to an upstairs chamber.

For a fleeting moment, Eric thought he had managed to arouse Horatio to the point where he couldn’t wait until they got home to make love. Instead he had found himself over Horatio’s lap and felt the familiar pain of a good sound spanking.

The discipline had continued until Horatio heard deep sobs coming from his Brat. Caine had then lifted Eric to his feet only to pull him back down into his lap, this time in a sitting position. He held Eric close until the tears subsided then together they discussed the reasons for the discipline.

Eric admitted he had taken advantage of Horatio’s concern for him. He said was sorry he had done so and would once again start abiding by the rules.

Caine also admitted he may have been treating Eric a little differently and he too would bring things back to normal.

After a few kisses and warm embraces they returned to the table for dessert and that was when the picture was taken. The photographer had it framed and presented it to them on the way out.

Eric was brought out of his trip down memory lane by the sound of the Horatio’s key in the lock. With a slow smile forming on his face, he replaced the framed picture on the top shelf then made his way down the hall the greet his one and only true love, silently thanking Kodak for giving him the chance to bring back some precious and important memories.

The End.

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