Reversing Roles

Written By: D’be-D’be

Pairing: Horatio and Eric

Eric Delko was awaken by a loan moan. He opened his eyes and looked over at his sleeping partner lying next to him.

It became obvious to the young CSI that his lover was having a very bad dream. Sweat covered Horatio Caine’s forehead as his body thrashed back and forth fighting whatever was invading his sub-conscious.

Eric pushed himself up and listened for a moment as mournful words came pouring out of the man next to him.

“NO….No….I can’t take another loss like this…..NO…..OH God…..No….Eric….ERIC!!!!...hang in there…..NOOOOOOOOOO!”

Suddenly Horatio sat straight up in bed, screaming like he was in dreadful pain.

Eric quickly pulled his Top into his arms and began rocking him back and forth all the while whispering words of love and comfort into his ear.

“Sssshhh….easy H, easy….it was just a dream. It’s okay, I’m here…..easy baby….ssshhhh…easy.”

Horatio, not a man to show weakness or lack of control, in a rare sign of total trust and love, gave himself over to his young Brat and allowed the comfort. He held on as tightly as he could, all the while trying to regain control of his breathing. As he felt the soft strong fingers of his lover rubbing his back and stroking his hair, Horatio managed to compose himself. He pulled away from Eric but remained close. His eyes downcast as a blush of embarrassment colored his face, he rubbed the tears and sweat off with the corner of the cotton sheet that still covered his body.

“I’m sorry, Eric, I didn’t mean to upset you.”

“You didn’t upset me, Horatio; after all it was just a dream. How many nights have you had to comfort me when those awful nightmares overtook me? Now it’s my turn to return the favour.”

“Still, it seems wrong that you have to comfort me.”

“Why?” Eric asked as he pushed Horatio down and snuggled into his arms. Just because you’re the Top in this relationship and maintain the role of the strong in-control one, doesn’t mean that I don’t have the power or peace of mind to take over that role and be there for you if I am needed.”

Hearing the hurt in his young lover’s voice, Caine kissed him softly on the lips before he replied. “You’re right, Eric, I’m sorry. It’s just that I’m not used to being comforted as I’m usually the one giving the comfort.”

“Well, if anyone deserves to be comforted, it’s you. After all you’ve been put through emotionally these past couple of years; I mean, first we lost Speed, then your wife is murdered and of course there’s what happened to me.”

“When you put it like that,” Horatio chuckled, “it sure sounds like I had my share of sorrow, doesn’t it?”

“Yeah, is that what the dream was about?”

“The dream....yes the dream….it was like I was floating above your hospital bed and the doctor looks up and states ‘he’s gone’. Then it’s your funeral and Merisol is there holding out her hand to you and as you walk away, Speed is waiting for you at the top of a hill. He looks down at me at with an evil grin and brags, ‘He’s mine now, H, and I’m going to enjoy fucking your little play thing’. You look back over your shoulder trying to reach out to me and I can’t move. My feet are in cement or something and as I tried to reach you, a round of gunfire was heard and that’s when I woke up.”

As Caine remembered the nightmare his body gave an involuntary shudder, so Eric snuggled in closer and laid a sensuous kiss on the soft moist lips of the red-headed man he loved more than life itself. A thought passed through his mind. He wasn’t sure if Horatio would allow it to happen, but he decided to take a chance.

“Hey, Horatio, since I’m playing the role of the strong one, would you give me the pleasure of doing an entire role switch and allow me to make love to you?”

“Are you talking about topping me, Eric?”

“Yeah, I guess I am. Are you game for it?”

“Eric, I don’t think I like that idea.”

“Why not? Don’t you think you’d enjoy giving total control over to me or don’t you think I can handle it?”

“It’s not that I think you can’t handle it, Eric. It’s just that I’m not meant to be bottomed.”

“You never know until you try it.” Eric gave Horatio a big smile and bent down to give him a slow sweet kiss. Horatio moaned and opened his mouth, groaning as Eric’s tongue made its’ way inside. Eric’s hands wrapped around the slim waist in order to pull Horatio closer as his lips left Horatio’s mouth and made its’ way down to his chest where he took one nipple into his mouth then the other until they were both sticking out with aroused anticipation. Horatio’s head fell back and he moaned as he felt each nipple become erect.

Eric slipped down under the sheets and placed himself between Horatio’s legs. He smiled at the erect penis and the pre-cum leaking out. He bent down and swirled his tongue around the head before taking it in his mouth and sucking on it greedily.

“Oh My God!” Horatio cried out. “Don’t stop!”

Eric didn’t. He took the whole organ in his mouth again and before long Horatio’s semen was sliding down his throat. While he still had Horatio in the aftermath of his climax, Eric pulled his hand from under the sheet and reached for the nightstand and after a quick rummage, found his prizes; a condom and some lube. He placed the first on his now erect penis and then a few drops of the lube on his fingers. Before Horatio could react, Eric gently inserted one finger, moving it around the tight hole.

Horatio jumped at the sudden intrusion but didn’t order Eric to stop so Eric grinned and pulled out his finger and inserted two, looking for that one spot. Horatio thrust down and screamed out as his prostate was worked over.

“Damn it, Eric, enough with the fingers. If you’re going to fuck me, do it now before I change my mind,” Horatio spat out between groans.

“That’s one order I am willing to obey,” Eric replied as he quickly lubed himself up and placed Horatio’s legs on his shoulders and the head of his penis pressed against Horatio’s entrance. He looked into those deep blue eyes as he slid all the way inside, in one slow strong thrust. “Oh God, H, you’re tight. You okay?”

“Yeeees….I’m fine…please, move!” Horatio panted.

Eric set a hard, steady rhythm pulling all the way out and then pushing back in. Soon they were lost in each other with Horatio matching every move. Eric was touched and moved by how Horatio was responding to him as he looked down on the blissful expression on Horatio’s face. “I love you, H,” he moaned as he began moving into him harder and faster. He also could feel Horatio’s erection against his belly so he slipped one hand between them and began manipulation Horatio into his second climax of the evening.

“Oh, H, I’m going to cum; cum with me….cum with me.” It was just as if Horatio did as he was ordered when he lifted himself off the bed to meet Eric’s final thrust and erupted into Eric’s hand at the same time feeling Eric’s semen pouring into him.

Eric collapsed on top of his lover, panting and sweaty. He stayed there until he caught his breath, then he slowly withdrew his soft penis from Horatio. He rolled off his Top to find himself being enveloped in his arms.

“Well, my little Brat, you must feel proud of yourself.”

“I must say it was a great feeling, having you under me for a change.”

“Well, remember the feeling because this isn’t going to happen again any time soon.”

“That’s okay, I don’t need it to. To tell you the truth, I enjoy the feel of you inside me much more than the feel of me inside you.”

“That’s great to hear. Now we still have a few hours before work, so let’s try and get some more sleep.”

Eric snuggled into Horatio’s arms and soon the two slipped into a deep, dreamless sleep.

As the sun came streaming into the bedroom window, Eric slipped out of bed and into the shower. He did his best to be as quiet as he could to not disturb his still sleeping partner. When he finished, he reached into the medicine chest for the toothpaste. Finding the tube empty he looked into the drawer under the sink where they always placed the new hygienic supplies, to also come out empty. Becoming a little annoyed, he did his best to squeeze a little toothpaste out of the tube in his hand, trying to leave a little for Caine in the process. He was sure he had told Horatio they were out of toothpaste and even more sure that Horatio told him he would pick some up after work yesterday.

“Boy, if the roles were reversed and Horatio found himself with a tubeless tube of toothpaste and I had promised to pick up more and didn’t, I find myself over Horatio’s lap for a quick lesson in keeping promises.”

A sudden grin came over the handsome face, as a very risky thought came to him. Why shouldn’t he give Horatio a spanking for not keeping a promise to him. After all, he reversed the roles in the bedroom last night, it would only be fitting for him to carry it through and reverse the disciplinary roles this morning. He figured Caine might not agree with this logic but he didn’t give to much thought to how Caine would react. No sir; Delko did what he often did, reacting without thinking about the consequences.

He came out of the bathroom with the squeezed tube in his hand and walked over to the bed to shake his partner awake.

“Hey, take it easy, Eric. I’m awake; just resting my eyes until you came out.”

“Horatio?” Eric asked in the sternest voice he could muster. “Did you forget to pick up a new tube of toothpaste like you promised?”

“Oh damn, yes I did. I’ll pick some up on the way to work.”

“But you promised to pick some up last night, did you not? Yes, I believe you did. So it looks like you broke a promise and we know what the results of that are, don’t we, young man?”

Horatio knowing what that tone meant and realizing what Eric was planning to do, gave him a hard warning look.

That didn’t phase Eric. He was too excited at the thoughts of spanking Horatio that he didn’t take in the warning. Before Horatio could react, Eric slipped the covers off of his partner, flipped him unto his stomach and gave him six solid slaps on his bare butt; three to each cheek.

“Now, young man, let this be a warning to you that promises have to be kept. Is that understood or do you need a trip over my lap to get the message more firmly across?”

Horatio didn’t reply. As a matter of fact, the silence made Eric a little nervous; a lot nervous, if he was honest with himself. As his stomach lurched, he came to realize he may have gone too far with this role reversal thing. He prepared himself for the worse as Horatio rolled over and looked up at him with steely eyes. Seeing the fear in his Brat’s dark eyes, Horatio gave up acting that he was angry and let out a deep laugh.

He knew Eric had just spanked him in fun because the slaps were so light his butt didn’t even burn. He also realized Eric had a point. He had promised to pick up the toothpaste and had forgotten. But he would also have to remind Eric that this action would not have led to a spanking if Delko had forgotten such a trivial thing. No one is perfect, but Horatio also realized that Eric was just using the forgotten toothpaste to cap up what happened last night.

“So, my little Brat, I see you’re drunk with power. How did it feel to give me a few spanks?”

“It felt good actually. You’re not mad at me?”

“No, baby, I’m not. I know where you were coming from and you’re right, I should have remembered the toothpaste and I’m sorry. But you also know, Eric, I wouldn’t have spanked you for such a trivial thing, right?”

“Yeah, I guess so. That’s not a real serious promise to forget but I just wanted to see what it would feel like to discipline you.”

“Why didn’t you put me over your lap then, baby?”

“No way, H! That’s not my place to do so. That would be to disrespectful to you and for what our relationship means to me. I just wanted to tease you a little.”

Horatio laughed again as he heard his Brat say the words he hoped he would say. He then grabbed what was left of the toothpaste tube out of Eric’s hand and made his way to the bathroom.

“Get back into bed, my little Top wannabe, and I’ll be right back to give you a few lessons on how a true Top brings his Bottom to total and complete ecstasy.”

“We’ll be late for work.” Eric grinned up at his lover

“Yeah? Well take it up with the boss!” Horatio chucked as he slammed the bathroom door.

Eric lay back in anticipation as he thought how it had been nice to be a Top for one night but he was sure glad to be the bottom again. As he heard the bathroom door open, he found himself becoming aroused at the thought about the lessons Horatio was about to teach him.

The End.

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